About Us

About Us

Ageless Labs was founded by Pharmaceutical executives and Pharmaceutical Chemists with backgrounds in Anti-Aging research and Stem Cell Therapy treatments.

Functional Formulation Development: Here at Ageless, we focus on developing formulations for specific communities in need of the support that Cannabinoids can provide, including inflammation, anxiety and sleep, to name a few. With so many Hemp products on the market, many times making unsubstantiated claims, we take a science based approach. All of our formulations go through testing, and we have PK (Pharmacokinetic) testing done on the products to test the availability of the Cannabinoids in the bloodstream.

Our Focus:

Experts in developing Hemp based nutropic formulations, Ageless products provide the highest bioavailability and best efficacy. As we like to say here at Ageless, we are not what we eat, we are what we absorb. Using a proprietary technology, and leveraging Super Critical CO2 & Liquid Chromatography Extraction, our water soluble full spectrum Hemp allows for a 91% absorption, as opposed to the industry standard of only 6% to 12%. With an onset in less than 15 min, and fully absorbed in 45 min, our technology mimics the body by taking an oil based ingredient and making it bio absorbable or “bioavailable”, without changing its form and structure.

Our Quality:

We take great care in ensuring we offer the highest quality products available anywhere. We are non GMO, and manufacture all of our products in a licensed GMP facility.